The State of Edtech

How Schools Are Changing: Last Part of a Year Long Series

As a nation, we obsess about education. Look at A Nation at Risk’s 1984 critique that public education would not bring about a competitive economy. Or maybe Eisenhower’s National Defense Education Act, aimed at increasing science education for national safety in 1958. Or go back to 1930 to Eleanor Roosevelt's speech in Hyde Park when she called for an improvement in education to build better citizens.

As more and more people chime in—whether they be teachers, administrators, business people, entrepreneurs, politicians, foundations, social workers or technologists—our conversations over what we teach, when, why and how we teach it, have become more polarized. Each group brings its own views on how teaching and learning has and should evolve.

Each group of people looking to education to solve problems or serve as a mechanism of change is looking at the world through their own lens. Maybe it’s political, economical, justice-oriented or relationship-focused. Each person uses their lens to define what teaching and learning should look like.

We all have a huge stake in education, as parents, as community members and as learners ourselves. However, the only way we can collectively move education forward is if we start trading lenses and begin building a better understanding of how other communities see teaching and learning.

We also want to give you, dear reader, a chance to share how the world looks through your lens. At several points throughout this project we will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and perspective on the trends influencing education today.

Please share and take the opportunity to “regrind your conceptual lenses” to gain a different perspective on the evolution of teaching and learning.

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A Message from AT&T

Technology is fundamentally altering education by removing barriers so that everyone—regardless of age, gender, income or zip code—has the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. AT&T is helping to drive this change by developing tools for anytime, anywhere learning and supporting change-makers in education. By gathering and analyzing information about the current state of ed-tech, we can create and support the most effective solutions—and ensure other companies are doing the same. Through our signature education initiative AT&T Aspire, we are providing funding and collaborating with EdSurge to support “The State of EdTech” research.